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Human Capital Management

For more than 35 years, ScottMadden has been helping clients navigate the evolution of human capital management (HCM) with solutions backed by a steadfast human capital consulting practice.

Business leaders look to Human Resources (HR) to address human capital management issues like the fight for talent, efficient talent management, global expansion, and the dynamics of an aging workforce. HR organizations have to be nimble and proactive to meet these expectations; —HR leaders who can bring creative, leading-edge solutions and development programs, while balancing business-specific requirements, will be valued contributors to the executive suite.

Human capital management consulting has been a core specialty at ScottMadden since our inception in 1983. As such, we have a dedicated human capital practice. Our recognized experts consult across geographies and industries, from aerospace and defense to consumer products and entertainment to healthcare and transportation.

Human Capital Consulting Services

We offer the services your organization needs to excel, from performance management and resources planning to HR strategy and change management.

HR Strategy and Transformation

By focusing on people, you will be able to effectively achieve your company’s vision and goals while staying ahead of your peers. ScottMadden helps many clients develop their HR strategy, ensuring it aligns with the overarching business needs.

HR Analytics

Companies are increasingly recognizing the value HR analytics can add to business operations. As a result, many organizations are forming analytics groups that focus entirely on identifying—through structured, deep analysis—operational improvements and/or cost savings. We help you answer the questions that close the gap between aspirations and abilities.

Talent Transformation

Every day, tremendous value is lost due to immature or ineffective talent development, retention, evaluation, and recruitment processes. ScottMadden’s human capital management work has allowed us to intrinsically build knowledge of what works, and what does not, to support your organization’s talent transformation.

Technology Selection and Optimization

There is more to technology selection and optimization than making sure your business has the latest tools. At ScottMadden, we bring business knowledge to your technical problems, bridging the gap between business needs and technology solutions—and helping you get the full benefit of your technology investment. We operate as an independent advisor, focused on your needs—not a particular solution.

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