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Natural Gas

Navigating the Natural Gas Industry

The landscape of the natural gas industry is being reshaped, propelled by the global shift toward cleaner energy. ScottMadden is well versed in guiding our clients through the multifaceted transformations prompted by this clean energy transition. Our expertise spans all areas, addressing market changes and regulatory effects, managing aging infrastructure, and handling cost control pressures, all while ensuring the delivery of safe, reliable service and substantial, sustained shareholder value.


Key Focus Areas

  • Operational Standardization: Identifying and implementing opportunities to optimize processes and unify operations, enabling a competitive edge
  • Infrastructure Management: Tackling challenges associated with aging infrastructure to ensure safe and reliable service delivery
  • Market and Regulatory Adaptation: Understanding issues such as decarbonization and energy efficiency and how they relate to planning and regulation


Our Services

  • Strategic Analysis: Providing insightful analyses to help you make informed decisions for a sustained, viable future
  • Business Planning: Crafting robust business plans to successfully navigate through the industry’s transformation
  • Capital Investment Planning: Advising on strategic investments for infrastructure improvement
  • Operational and Financial Performance Benchmarking: Analyzing operational and financial performances against industry benchmarks to identify areas to improve and sustain your long-term performance
  • Operations Improvement: Offering solutions to boost operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Cost Management: Implementing effective cost management strategies to optimize your resources and enhance value to customers
  • Organization Design and Staffing: Designing organizational structures and staffing models that align with your strategic goals
  • Business Process Improvement: Streamlining your business processes to drive operational excellence
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Assisting in planning and executing the details of mergers and acquisitions for seamless integration
  • Rates and Finance Strategy: Developing comprehensive rates and finance strategies to ensure your financial stability and growth while ensuring affordability
  • Regulatory Strategy Development: Crafting strategies to navigate and comply with complex regulatory environments
  • Project and Program Execution: Ensuring successful deployment of essential projects
  • Management System Implementation: Incorporating management controls to effectively manage costs, safety, and reliability
Leverage our knowledge of the natural gas business to address your challenges and capitalize on the opportunities presented in the ever-evolving natural gas environment.

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