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NXT GEN® Training

Redefining Workforce Training: The NXT GEN® Training Approach

For workforce development, traditional training methodologies often fall short and yield ineffective results. Common challenges often include the use of non-engaging presentations, content focused on theory versus practice, and a lack of standardization. We apply our industry operational experience to each NXT GEN effort as opposed to a training development firm or technology vendor who has no field experience.

NXT GEN® Training uses technology to replace traditional classroom training, providing options for how employees naturally consume content—we use field-ready mobile platforms and 360° video simulations where workers can walk through realistic scenarios to improve learning and impact worker behaviors.


NXT GEN Training Principles

Our unique approach is based on the following principles:

  • Learning through real-life scenarios
  • Testing through practical questions and real situations
  • Changing behaviors to drive improved performance
  • Ensuring a sustainable solution that you can manage and maintain
  • Using your native technologies and tools


NXT GEN Training Benefits

While this innovative training approach provides a host of benefits, we believe the value is primarily in these five areas:

  • Improved safety behaviors
  • Increased knowledge transfer
  • Reduced rework
  • Improved supervisor effectiveness
  • Reduced cost


NXT GEN Training?

Our training approach offers unparalleled advantages:

  • Modular: Content can be extended beyond training applications – safety briefings, operational (job briefs), and work package references.
  • Scalable: Content captured for NXT GEN computer-based training can be used as the basis for future mixed-reality training applications.
  • Easily Deployable: Training modules and videos can be rapidly deployed.
  • Standardized: Training content sets standard expectations that reduce the risk of potentially inconsistent standards set by supervisors and crew leads, often found with on-the-job training or apprentice approaches.
  • Digital First: The content and delivery approach is tailored to the newer generation of workers who have different skills, norms, and expectations. These employees are familiar with digital tools and training methods outside of work settings and are demanding more innovative approaches to their training.


With ScottMadden’s NXT GEN Training approach, we not only help improve your training content but also modernize your training program to meet the demands of your future workforce. See more information about NXT GEN here.

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