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Strategic Assessment and Planning

Steering through market dynamics requires a well-crafted strategy. At ScottMadden, we dive deep into your organizational ecosystem, evaluating market trends, financial metrics, and operational benchmarks to carve out a strategy that resonates with your unique business objectives.

Our Strategic Assessment and Planning Services

  • Market Research: Uncovering market trends and consumer behaviors to inform strategic decisions
  • Financial Analysis: Evaluating financial performance to identify growth opportunities and areas of improvement
  • Performance Benchmarking: Assessing your operations against industry standards to derive actionable insights
  • Leading Practice Assessments: Analyzing current practices against leading standards to foster continuous improvement
  • Executive and Board Interviews: Engaging leadership to align strategic directions and prioritize initiatives


Our strategic planning sessions are tailored to foster collaborative deliberations, enabling the formulation of a cohesive strategic road map. Through scenario construction and initiative development, we align your leadership toward a shared vision, setting a robust foundation for future endeavors.

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