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Global Business Services and Multifunction Shared Services: Unlocking New Efficiency Horizons 

In today’s competitive landscape, companies are evolving their models to adopt either Global Business Services (GBS) or Multifunction Shared Services models. These approaches not only standardize support services but also drive cost reduction, efficiencies, and controls by consolidating and standardizing management roles, technologies, and service delivery locations. Both GBS and Multifunction Shared Services models offer unique advantages, with GBS providing a more comprehensive, global approach and Multifunction Shared Services leveraging synergies across functions. 


Defining GBS 

  • Operates as a unified entity across geographical boundaries 
  • Encapsulates single leadership or common governance and budget, shared operational strategies across functions, common technology platforms, end-to-end processes, higher value-added services, and enterprise-wide vendors 


Benefits of GBS 

  • Achieve economies of scale through end-to-end automation and labor arbitrage 
  • Create analytic insights across the entire enterprise 
  • Provide more value-added services 
  • Improve customer and user experience 
  • Adapt and move work as global markets shift, leveraging low-cost global locations 


Advancing Shared Services to Multifunctional Operations 

For some organizations, the natural evolution of shared services is to move to a multifunction model that services one particular country or group of countries versus a fully integrated GBS model. This typically involves integrating finance, human resources, information technology, supply chain, and other administrative services into a singular, high-performance operation. A Multifunction Shared Services model not only reduces overhead costs but also fosters cross-functional continuous improvement and optimizes vendor relationships. 


Our Tailored Approach 

Our expert consultants, with deep functional expertise, guide your strategic planning, design, implementation, and continuous improvement of GBS and Multifunction Shared Services. We help shape and influence trends, ensuring your operations are at the forefront of industry developments. With ScottMadden’s help, you can improve operational excellence and market agility by leveraging the advantages of GBS and Multifunction Shared Services delivery models. 

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