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Corporate Function and Shared Services Benchmarking

Benchmarking: A Catalyst for Excellence

Benchmarking remains an essential part in establishing a strategy in today’s dynamic business environment to achieve and sustain peak performance. At ScottMadden, we leverage this indispensable tool to enhance strategic planning, performance management, and operational excellence.


Strategic Benchmarking with ScottMadden

Our vast database of functional benchmarks, leading practices, and deep functional expertise enable us to efficiently deliver a comprehensive, solution-focused analysis that answers the questions “how are we doing?” and “what do we do about it?” We evaluate your process effectiveness, costs, staffing, and quality against industry benchmarks and develop a roadmap for strategic, organizational, and operational enhancements. Our offerings include:
  • In-depth assessments, unveiling improvement opportunities
  • Recommendations for strategic direction, organizational design, and process optimization
  • Baseline operations for continued improvement, propelling you toward sustained success


Engaging in strategic benchmarking offers tangible benefits and actionable outcomes. Our comprehensive assessments identify critical improvement areas, enabling informed decision-making. The insights gained from our benchmarking process provide:
  • A clearer understanding of your organization’s standing relative to industry standards
  • Identification of specific areas where your processes, staffing, or operations diverge from best practices
  • Practical recommendations for strategic redirection, organizational restructuring, and process enhancement
  • A roadmap for ongoing improvement, helping you sustain success and remain competitive


Comprehensive Benchmarking Expertise

  • Rich Benchmarking Resources: Our extensive database includes primary and secondary sources to thoroughly assess aspects of your corporate and shared services functions. This encompasses process effectiveness, costs, staffing, and quality across key areas like human resources, finance and accounting, supply chain, and information technology.
  • Strategic Enhancement Recommendations: Our approach involves comparing your operations against peers and industry leaders and identifying opportunities for strategic redirection and operational optimization. Our recommendations are tailored to improve organizational design, streamline processes, leverage technologies, and reduce costs while enhancing quality.


Improvement to Your Business Outcomes

Our benchmarking provides you with more than just simple comparisons, offering actionable insights for cost reduction, quality improvement, and continuous operational enhancement. This empowers your corporate functions and shared services to set new standards of performance and enhance the value you provide to the business.

Let’s Work Together

We don’t solve problems with canned methodologies, we help you solve the right problem in the right way. Our experience ensures that the solution works for you.