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Business Support Services

Managing ancillary services like facility maintenance, security, and insurance can often become an overlooked aspect of business, yet its efficient management is pivotal for operational excellence. At ScottMadden, we understand the intricacies involved in Business Support Services (BSS) and offer tailored solutions to seamlessly integrate these services into your shared services model. Our approach not only streamlines service requests and contract management but significantly lowers operational costs, enhances service response, and elevates customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive BSS Integration: 

  • Scope Identification: Define the breadth of BSS, ensuring a well-structured integration into your Shared Services Operation (SSO)
  • Blueprinting and Launch: Draft a strategic blueprint for the BSS model, followed by a meticulous launch ensuring a seamless transition and operational readiness
  • Contract Management: Efficient management of contracts to avoid duplication and ensure cost-effectiveness
  • Service Request Dispatch: Streamlined dispatch of service requests ensuring timely and quality service delivery
  • Cost Reduction: Strategic measures to significantly lower operational costs without compromising service quality


Why ScottMadden?

  • Cross-Functional Expertise: Leverage our extensive cross-functional expertise to ensure successful project completion from inception to launch
  • Improved Service Response: Experience enhanced service response, ensuring satisfaction across all business units
  • Customized Solutions: Our tailored solutions are crafted to meet your unique organizational needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your business model


With ScottMadden by your side, take a strategic step towards organized and efficient management of your Business Support Services, ensuring a well-oiled operational environment that is ready to meet the demands of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

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