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Business Support Services

If your organization is like most, important services, such as facility maintenance, security, insurance, grounds maintenance, and others, are left without a logical home. They are often force-fit into other parts of the organization, or business units must determine how to provide them. Without coordinated management of these services, inefficient contracts, duplicate vendor relationships, and poor non-standard service can arise. If these services are associated with a shared services operation (SSO) and perceived as poorly managed, customer satisfaction suffers.

ScottMadden can help integrate business administrative services (BAS) into your shared services model to better manage contracts, efficiently dispatch service requests, lower costs, and improve service response. We understand the benefits of incorporating BAS in your SSO, and from identifying the BAS scope and delivery channels to blueprinting the BAS model to launch, we have the experience and cross-functional expertise to help you launch, manage, and complete your project successfully.


Corporate & Shared Services

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