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SSO Accelerator

Maximizing Efficiency with ScottMadden’s SSO Accelerator

Top-performing Shared Services Organizations (SSOs) are redefining efficiency with staffing levels that are typically two to four times more efficient relative to employees served and operating costs 20% to 40% lower than those of their peers. ScottMadden’s SSO accelerator provides a framework for advancing your operations, offering a structured approach to elevate your SSO’s performance.


SSO Acceleration: Charting the Course to Superior Performance

  • Comprehensive Work Activity Assessment and Customer Surveys: Utilizing ScottMadden’s tools, we conduct detailed analyses, including work activity assessments and voice-of-the-customer surveys, to highlight immediate improvement areas.
  • In-depth Operational Review: We thoroughly examine your SSO’s structure, services, processes, and technologies, providing insights based on data-driven analysis.
  • Benchmarking Against Industry Leaders: Leveraging our proprietary database and years of experience, we compare your operations against benchmarks and leading practices of top-performing SSOs.
  • Tailored Roadmap for Improvement: Our implementation expertise allows us to develop a customized improvement plan designed to fit your unique needs and business context.


Empowering Your SSO’s Journey

ScottMadden brings a combination of skills and experience in shared services that few consulting firms can match. We identify practical opportunities that are based on our years of designing, building, and improving SSOs and customize our recommendations based on what will work for your organization. Our experts are capable of helping you navigate the challenges of shared services at every stage of your journey.

Let’s Work Together

We don’t solve problems with canned methodologies, we help you solve the right problem in the right way. Our experience ensures that the solution works for you.