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Program and Project Management

At ScottMadden, our expertise in portfolio, program, and project management consulting is instrumental in guiding companies through complex endeavors. We emphasize applying best practices and methodologies to ensure operational performance, risk mitigation, and successful outcomes. Recognizing the crucial role of effective management in an enterprise’s critical initiatives, we prioritize aligning execution with overall business objectives. This strategic focus not only enhances success but also positions your organization distinctively in a competitive market, driving impactful business results.


Our Expertise:

With a rich legacy of more than 40 years in program and project management consulting, ScottMadden has been the cornerstone of numerous successful, large-scale efforts across many industries. Our adept consultants, through a mix of best practices, standardized methodologies, and situational leadership, aid in organizational alignment, performance measurement, risk mitigation, and adherence to delivery timelines, ensuring successful outcomes.


Portfolio, Program, and Project Management Services:

Governance for Selection and Oversight

  • Conduct capital and business planning assessments
  • Establish governance structures and organizational designs to meet strategic goals
  • Develop prioritization and selection methodologies
  • Create and implement organizational policies, processes, procedures, and charters
  • Develop and implement future state organizational design


Management Process and Controls:

  • Develop and implement management processes and controls
  • Develop and implement policies, processes, and procedures
  • Create and/or improve management tools and controls
  • Develop and implement efficient management stage gates
  • Provide implementation support to deploy assessment recommendations
  • Provide change management and training solutions (e.g., sessions, guides, workshops, and more)


Management System and Automated Reporting:

  • Provide assistance in evaluating and selecting a project management system
  • Conduct system configuration and set up workflow automation processes
  • Utilize Microsoft Power BI for digital reporting and data analytics modeling
  • Provide change management and system training solutions (e.g., sessions, guides, workshops, and more).


With ScottMadden by your side, take the reins of your portfolios, programs, and projects, streamline your management processes, and align your company’s execution with strategic objectives, ensuring a competitive stance in today’s business environment.

Let’s Work Together

We don’t solve problems with canned methodologies, we help you solve the right problem in the right way. Our experience ensures that the solution works for you.