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Design and Implementation

Design and Implementation: Strategic Transformation for Organizational Growth 

At ScottMadden, we understand the significance of effective operating model design and implementation in modern business operations. We specialize in developing future state designs and roadmaps, enabling organizations to align their operations with their strategic visions. By integrating current work activity data with industry-leading practices, we ensure that your operating model is robust, efficient, and future-ready. 


Future State Design and Roadmap:

  • Develop a comprehensive service delivery model considering potential future expansions.
  • Utilize current data, benchmarks, and insights for optimal staffing and design.
  • Create phased implementation plans for effective transition. 


Business Case Development: 

  • Articulate a detailed business case with projected costs, savings, and qualitative benefits. 
  • Focus on enhancing service levels, compliance, and customer satisfaction. 


Focused Implementation Approach: 

Our comprehensive approach to design and implementation covers multiple work streams, ensuring that every aspect of organizational transformation is thoroughly addressed. This involves: 

  • Planning and Project Management: Establishing a robust project framework and governance, ensuring seamless execution with constant monitoring and problem-solving. 
  • Policy and Process Harmonization: Aligning and standardizing policies and processes to foster efficiency and uniformity across the organization. 
  • Technology Design, Selection, and Implementation: Choosing and integrating appropriate technology solutions to support and enhance shared services functions. 
  • Organization Design and Staffing: Strategically structuring the organization and selecting the right talent to fit the new service delivery model, ensuring optimal operation and performance. 
  • Service Center Operations Design: Setting up internal operational processes and defining key performance metrics to ensure efficient and effective service center operations.
  • Communications, Change Management, and Training: Focusing on comprehensive communication strategies and training programs to facilitate smooth transition and adaptation, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed, engaged, and equipped to embrace the new changes. 


Our approach at ScottMadden goes beyond mere implementation; it’s about crafting a future-proof organization. We ensure that every aspect of the design and implementation process aligns with your strategic goals, preparing your organization not just for today’s market dynamics but also for future challenges and opportunities.

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