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Optimizing Opportunities at the Grid Edge

Distributed energy resources (DERs), electrification, and the integration of a variety of grid edge technologies are changing the way the grid is planned and operated. Utilities are engaging with customers in new ways and developing new business models to meet emerging grid needs and regulatory requirements.

ScottMadden Brings Extensive Grid Edge Expertise

With more than four decades of expertise in transmission and distribution, ScottMadden brings a deep perspective of how utility functions are evolving to integrate grid edge technologies. Having worked in every functional area, from planning and operations to asset management, we understand how DERs, widespread electrification, and changing customer demands are transforming the electric system and utility business model.

We can help you plan the strategic investments you will need in systems, processes, and human resources. We address changing customer expectations, competitive pressures, and regulatory demands by focusing on enhanced engagement and specialized program offerings. We offer unparalleled expertise in regulatory matters shaped by decades of engagements across utility functions. Our commitment is to guide you through this transition, helping you adapt to these changing dynamics with innovative, sustainable solutions that not only meet today’s needs but also pave the way for a greener tomorrow.

How Can ScottMadden Support You in the Clean Energy Transition?

  • Strategic and Business Planning: We operationalize strategic imperatives. Working with you and your team, we create actionable initiatives and plans that enable you to achieve ambitious clean energy goals
  • Grid Plan Development: As more states require utilities to submit plans detailing their efforts to integrate DERs and other initiatives related to the clean energy transition, we help you understand these requirements and develop comprehensive grid plans. We help you develop strategies to incorporate DERs, adapt to clean energy mandates, and enhance overall grid reliability and efficiency
  • EVs and Electrification: We provide comprehensive electrification strategies across diverse sectors such as transportation, heating, and industrial processes
  • Customer Engagement: A robust customer strategy lies at the heart of effective grid edge engagement and is essential to providing positive outcomes across all facets of customer interaction and service delivery. We help you design and implement comprehensive services for energy efficiency, managed EV charging, net metering, and beneficial electrification
  • Regulatory Strategy and Implementation: How you communicate your planned investments with regulators is just as important as the investments themselves. We help you create a clear story that helps you shape policy and achieve investment goals
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Engagement with customers and other stakeholders has emerged as a key tenant of grid planning, ensuring that clean energy investments are effectively and efficiently implemented. We help you craft and implement a plan to both incorporate stakeholder priorities into your grid planning efforts and establish long-term partnerships


Your Trusted Partner

Utilities will form the backbone of the transition to a clean energy future and should be prepared to define the investments needed to support the grid’s transition while also communicating the challenges and opportunities to customers, regulators, and other stakeholders.

ScottMadden is your partner on this journey, having assisted utilities across the country begin this transition. Our approach is tailored to ensure you are well-positioned to navigate the grid edge transition seamlessly, translating challenges into opportunities. We know the stakeholders, perspectives, obstacles, and opportunities available and can help you plan for and successfully manage this transition. Most important of all, we will do it with you as a partner, working alongside you and your teams to meet your objectives—together.

Let’s Work Together

We don’t solve problems with canned methodologies, we help you solve the right problem in the right way. Our experience ensures that the solution works for you.