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The Energy Industry Update – Volume 15, Issue 1

Energy Industry Update

Changes: Turn and Face the Strange

We are pleased to announce our Winter 2015 issue of The ScottMadden Energy Industry Update. This semi-annual publication features our view of recent significant events and emerging trends in the energy industry.

With apologies to David Bowie, we enter 2015 to turn and face the strange and the opportunity of changes. As market changes, regulatory processes, and technology evolution unfold, energy and utility companies will face them and adapt.

Differing regulatory constructs are driving utilities to adjust their business models. In this section, we look at examples of these options. We also examine trends in levelized cost of energy from various resources and what those drivers are.

We hope you will find The ScottMadden Energy Industry Update a useful and informative resource. If you would like to discuss our observations in greater detail or have us present them or our views on other industry or management issues to your executive team, please contact us.

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