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New York Proposes “Make-Ready Program” To Spark Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Investment


New York's Proposed "Make-Ready Program"Each state is a laboratory for how incentives will support the rollout of electric vehicles (EV).

Incentives come in the form of charging station installation cost coverage, vehicle tax credits and rebates, electricity (rate) discounts, and even driving perks (e.g., HOV-lane access). A utility’s role is part of the experiment as well, but one of its core services will always be involved when charging stations are installed.

“Make-ready” costs—the maintenance, construction, and administrative costs associated with ensuring the utility can deliver reliable service to a new charging station—are traditionally covered by project developers or property owners. To encourage the installation of more electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) across the state, the New York Department of Public Service (DPS) staff is suggesting the utility cover make-ready costs for certain EV chargers.

As we wait for comments back from other parties (due April 27), we can extrapolate implications for utilities and help them prepare for operational changes should the DPS’s proposed “Make-Ready Program” become a reality. To learn more, access this article.

Additional Contributing Author: Mike Flint


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