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Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Unlocking Sustainable Competence

At ScottMadden, we navigate the confluence of sustainable foresight and corporate strategy to foster enduring operational excellence across a wide diversity of industries.


Corporate Sustainability Consulting and Organizational Strategy:

  • Identifying and integrating sustainability strategies for competitive advantage
  • Identifying and implementing ESG-centric sustainability strategies and reporting
  • Ensuring seamless sustainability integration within overall organizational strategy and planning


Materiality Assessments and Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Leveraging materiality assessments for substantive stakeholder engagement
  • Tailoring surveys and interviews to ascertain and address material ESG issues


Corporate Social Responsibility and Reporting:

  • Offering expertise in SASB, GRI, and EEI reporting to narrate your sustainability trajectory
  • Managing comprehensive ESG risk disclosure


Carbon Accounting and Neutrality:

  • Understanding carbon markets and reporting requirements
  • Developing strategies for emission profile comprehension, risk appraisal, and mitigation


Utility and Organizational Renewables Strategy:

  • Utilizing deep-seated industry knowledge to develop and drive renewables procurement strategies
  • Strategizing to meet decarbonization objectives


Integrated Resource Planning and Decarbonization Strategy:

  • Assisting in the strategic incorporation of carbon-reduction strategies within long-range planning
  • Evaluating services for financial and rate implications of portfolio alterations



  • Conducting performance assessment and gap identification via benchmarking
  • Targeting high-potential areas for enhanced ESG performance


Our multidisciplinary approach, melded with deep-seated industry knowledge, enables your organization to develop a sustainable operational direction that resonates with stakeholder expectations and broader business objectives.

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