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Transmission & Distribution

The Electric Transmission and Distribution Landscape

The grid is fundamental to meeting the needs of the clean energy transition. It provides the backbone for the integration of new generation resources, enables electrification, and serves the growing loads of customers.
ScottMadden has worked with transmission and distribution companies for more than 40 years. We have helped various types of companies—from integrated utilities to cooperatives to independent transmission start-ups—plan, build, and optimize their internal organizations and processes. As the grid has evolved to meet new challenges, ScottMadden has partnered with our clients to plan, build, and operate the grid of the future.

Key Focus Areas

  • Electric Transmission: Providing organization design, project and program management, capital project planning, and market insights to build and manage transmission
  • Electric Distribution: Providing modernization strategies and roadmaps, regulatory strategy and filing support, and investment and organization optimization for distribution companies

ScottMadden partners with you to effectively plan, build, and operate the transmission and distribution grid that will enable the clean energy future. We help you create the plan, gain regulatory approval, and implement critical initiatives to meet the goals of stakeholders, customers, and regulators.

Let’s Work Together

We don’t solve problems with canned methodologies, we help you solve the right problem in the right way. Our experience ensures that the solution works for you.