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Energy Industry Update—Don’t Stop Believin’: A Special Edition for the Utility Supply Chain Conference


As economic growth continues, and policies are increasingly driven by state and regional issues, utilities are placing bets, with large investments, on various growth strategies. They continue to face opposition and challenges from various stakeholders with disparate interests. Energy and utility companies will try to thread the needle of developing and upgrading much needed infrastructure, while satisfying those interests.

During the 2019 Utility Supply Chain Conference, Cristin Lyons reviewed the latest Energy Industry Update and shared key highlights for topics including:

  • Electrification: A summary of increased electrification activities (ie: transportation/space heating) being promoted by electric industry stakeholders, and electrification’s pros and cons
  • Wholesale energy infrastructure development: A discussion of proposed gas and power transmission projects, potential regulatory changes, and surrounding issues/implications
  • Grid modernization: Noteworthy efforts around the nation, including both the programs and the common themes

Access her complete presentation here.


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