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The large-scale generation of electricity at centralized facilities is undergoing a once-in-a-lifetime change. This evolution of power plants is being driven by federal and state regulations. Generation of electricity has both local and regional environmental impacts that can affect the area directly surrounding power plants coupled with social pressures for more environmentally sensitive power. There are also margin pressures from lower gas prices, high reserve margins, and declining electricity consumption growth. In addition, there is the potential for disruptive change due to distributed generation (The Grid Edge) and microgrids. Running central station generation well, both operationally and as a business, has never been more important.

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ScottMadden Consultants provide practical expertise in fossil, hydro, nuclear, and renewables to help you implement leading practices for fleets and individual power plants to improve and sustain results. Our consulting services can help you turn around fleets, benchmark performance, standardize on best practices, develop and implement management models recognized by the industry for their excellence, structure and staff organizations, improve operations, and achieve excellent performance.



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