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Energy supply is going through significant changes, largely driven by goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the cost profiles of various assets.

The scale and scope of renewables will continue to expand with the clean energy transition. Wind energy is a low-cost renewable energy option in many parts of the United States, and we expect the industry to continue to grow while focusing on asset management and long-term operations. In addition, declining costs are driving the rapid expansion of solar markets across the United States, and we expect continued growth in the utility, commercial, residential, and community solar markets.

This shift will require industry and market players to overcome a number of challenges. Grid operators will need to balance intermittent resources, adapt to bi-directional power flows, and manage the integration of distributed generation assets. Developers and operators will need to scale efficiently, manage costs effectively, and plan strategically to take advantage of emerging market opportunities.

Developing a comprehensive understanding and approach to the growth of the renewable energy market is complex and time-consuming, requiring a unique combination of skills. These are skills for which our clients turn to us. At ScottMadden, we can help with everything from strategy development to program design to asset management best practices and optimization, and we have served utilities, developers, industrial companies, the federal government, and more.

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