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Finance and Accounting Consulting

ScottMadden can help transform your finance and accounting operations for efficient, accurate, and timely delivery of enterprise-wide products and services.

We can design for scale, increase competitiveness, and increase value to your company. Our finance experts consult across geographies and industries. Our solutions include:

  • Enterprise financial business services
  • Strategic centers of expertise
  • Hybrid insource/outsource delivery models
  • Data analytics
  • Financial reporting

… as well as other solutions.

We will help you develop strong governance models that break down traditional departmental silos and geographic borders to efficiently address local business needs and expedite decision-making. This approach aligns strategies and adds value to the entire corporate enterprise—not just the finance department.

ScottMadden can help you with strategic planning and design, and we can address specific areas—from improving accounting controls to structuring organizations. Our accounting and finance consultants will work with you to define a future state model, develop a business case, and build the project plan.

Areas of Corporate Finance and Accounting Consulting

Our extensive experience in areas of finance and accounting consulting have benefited many clients. Areas include:

Business Assessment Services

ScottMadden’s robust business assessment methodology can be used to evaluate your organization across multiple dimensions. We utilize a number of components, including site visits and interviews with employees, as well as performance metric assessments, work activity assessments, and more. Various components of the assessment can be customized to best suit your needs and the availability of data.

Shared Services

ScottMadden’s unmatched experience and implementable solutions has supported shared services across a range of industries since the early 90s. Our team of shared services experts can help you at all stages of your journey, including finance and accounting. We help you optimize your shared services, and cater to your business’ unique needs.


Payroll assessments are an essential tool for an organization looking to improve their payroll processes. With ScottMadden’s database of leading practices and current research, you can pinpoint where improvements should be made to achieve cost savings potentials.


Corporate & Shared Services

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