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Supply Chain Consulting

Supply chain management has grown to a function of critical strategic importance. When done right, supply chain organizations are integrators of business functions driving end-to-end processes to dramatically improve results.

ScottMadden provides the processes, expertise, and tools you need to achieve supply chain resilience and excellence. We have a proven approach to service delivery design and a unique ability to create alignment between the supply chain function and its internal customers and stakeholders.

Supply Chain Consulting Services

We know what works. And we listen carefully to your challenges, concerns, and goals—so we can help solve the right problems the right way. From crafting new supply chain strategies to restructuring your supply chain organization to significantly improving daily operations, we are with you every step of the way.


We work closely with executives who understand the importance of effective change in profitable growth. The Procure-to-Pay Services team at ScottMadden helps companies find success through P2P assessments that provide a complete view of overall performance. We help your organization achieve its goals faster by identifying savings opportunities and improvements in organizational efficiency.

Supply Chain Warehousing and Inventory Management

The performance and overall costs of your supply chain are largely driven by two factors: your warehousing strategy and your approach to inventory management. With a clear strategy and approach, workers are able to be more productive, inventory is sent and received in a timely manner, and your company builds a competitive advantage over other without clear strategies. ScottMadden deeply understands key supply chain performance levers and has a long history of client service in this field.

Supply Chain Benchmarking

Internal and external performance benchmarks are key to identifying and prioritizing continuous improvement opportunities. Our proprietary supply chain benchmarking assessment is developed from extensive experience, providing organizations with a clear view of how the supply chain is performing. The in-depth assessment acts as a clear path forward in improving operational efficiency.


Corporate & Shared Services

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