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Digitizing and Automating the Process to Dispose of Surplus Material

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Delivered a fully automated SOX-compliant process

Fully Automated

Eliminated need for manual audits through automated notifications to inventory accounting


Designed, prototyped, developed, and tested solution in collaboration with customer to maximize product effectiveness


A large public power entity was seeking to digitize and automate a paper-based, SOX-controlled process to initiate the sale or disposal of surplus materials no longer required by a business unit.


  • Identified and assembled key stakeholders to document the existing process and desired enhancements
  • Designed an end-to-end fully automated digital process for request intake, document management, approvals, and required notifications
  • Prototyped the solution in a development environment, and conducted functional and technical reviews
  • Built the solution in the client environment
  • Conducted step-by-step user acceptance testing of the solution across all process paths 
  • Supplied detailed administrator and user documentation for ongoing solution use and maintenance


  • Delivered a fully automated SOX-compliant process with time stamped approvals linked to individual accounts in Microsoft Active Directory
  • Automated request notifications to inventory accounting, eliminating the need for manual audits which were required to support the necessary periodic accruals
  • Structured data capture to enable visibility and real-time reporting into the investment recovery approval process

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