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Risk and Compliance

Risk and Compliance: Navigating a Complex Landscape

In an era where digital transformation is reshaping the energy sector, effective risk and compliance management has become paramount. ScottMadden recognizes the criticality of robust risk management and compliance protocols, especially in the context of evolving cybersecurity threats and stringent regulatory requirements.


The Critical Role of Risk and Compliance

  • Information Security: Safeguarding company and employee data and information to protect the organization and its employees
  • Grid Security and Reliability: Ensuring robust digital defenses for the electric grid’s integrity
  • NERC Compliance: Adhering to Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and Operations and Planning (O&P) standards to protect bulk power systems


Expanding Your Risk Management Horizons

We help you look at risks broadly to ensure that you proactively plan and address various security threats.
  • Information Security Strategy: Emphasizing a risk-driven approach over mere compliance adherence, ensuring robust and dynamic security postures by establishing a security operating model
  • Risk Inventory Development: Crafting comprehensive inventories of risks and their attributes to inform targeted control measures
  • Control Cataloging and Assessment: Establishing a detailed catalog of controls and continuously assessing their impacts on identified risks
  • Effectiveness Evaluation: Implementing processes to routinely measure the effectiveness of controls in mitigating risks
  • Leadership Engagement: Developing communication plans for enterprise leadership, aiding in crucial risk-related decision-making, acceptance, and accountability


At ScottMadden, our approach to Risk and Compliance is not just about meeting regulatory standards; it is about fostering a culture of proactive risk management and compliance. Through our comprehensive services, we ensure our clients are not only compliant but also equipped to navigate the complex and evolving landscape of risk and compliance in the energy sector.

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