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NERC Audit Support

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NERC Audit Training

Provided NERC audit 101 training to utility SMEs

Audit Preparation

Ensured utility was prepared for the upcoming audit

Compliance Support

Assisted with technical and compliance support during onsite audit


An electric utility was preparing for a NERC CIP and O&P audit to take place within the next six months. The utility started to prepare for the audit and anticipated needing support as they had discovered a significant number of RSAWs, evidence, and workflows in various states. A significant number of data requests (100+) were expected soon. The utility also had several organization and staffing challenges, including: 

  • Only one SME had ever been through a NERC audit before
  • Evidence was spread across multiple locations and documentation was in various states
  • SMEs were unsure of what evidence should be provided to answer data requests
  • There was lack of knowledge in preparing RSAW narratives and in completing the NERC evidence request tool


  • Reviewed existing documentation and evidence to identify any potential gaps or issues
  • Drafted and edited RSAWs
  • Provided SME with technical and compliance to support utility directly
  • Assisted and educated utility SMEs on which evidence should be provided to answer data requests
  • Provided coordination and alignment of documentation, NERC audit 101 training to utility SMEs, data request management and response support, and onsite technical and compliance support during the actual audit
  • Assisted with the development of material to present to utility leadership


  • Trained utility staff on how to be effective SMEs for a NERC audit
  • Utility was able to answer auditor data requests in a timely manner and was prepared for the audit

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