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Security Upgrade Project

At a Glance

Successful Project Completion

ScottMadden helped TVA meet the NRC commitment date—ahead of schedule and under budget—by providing project management ownership and expertise in the following areas:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Project schedule
  • Project status reporting
  • Project budget

Effective Collaboration

The collaboration spanned many organizations, including personnel from:

  • ScottMadden
  • Seven different departments within TVA
  • Seven outside vendors

Financial Impact

The successful collaboration allowed the fleet to save more than $15 million in costs


Tennessee Valley Authority(TVA) , a large nuclear generator, was facing a fast-approaching Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) commitment date for upgrading its security capabilities to comply with the Code of Federal Regulations 10 CFR 73.55. ScottMadden assisted the organization with project management expertise to ensure successful execution of the security upgrade project. 


  • Facilitated detailed communications on project status and issue reporting to senior TVA leadership
  • Standardized the organizational structure and reviewed each site’s project organization to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Developed a common schedule with deadlines and milestones for the entire nuclear fleet
  • Worked with TVA fleet and site leadership to develop a detailed unit/unit rate schedule that would allow senior management to track the installation and testing of new security system hardware
  • Held fleet alignment meetings to share operational experience and mitigate any additional project risks


  • Succeeded in meeting all NRC commitment dates for all sites—ahead of schedule and under budget
  • Collaborated among many organizations, including personnel from ScottMadden, seven different departments within TVA, and seven outside vendors
  • Allowed the fleet to save more than $15 million in costs

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