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Critical Spare Part Classification

At A Glance

Master Data Set

Compiled master data set from multiple disparate sources

Attribute Identification

Created attribute identification process for critical spare parts

Validated Model

Developed a validated model with fine-tuned parameters based on feedback


A publicly traded fuel-processing entity was seeking an objective methodology to identify items within their inventory that are critical to uninterrupted operations. The intent was to review available data and align on which key attributes contribute to a critical spare part and develop an automated solution to continuously review inventory and classify critical spare parts for review and confirmation. 


  • Identified available, but disparate, data sources in conjunction with client subject matter experts 
  • Aggregated data into a single, usable, and easily refreshed master data set
  • Determined relevant attributes of critical spare parts and weighted them based on feedback from facility managers and field personnel
  • Piloted the identification process and scoring 
  • Conducted review sessions with key personnel to validate the model outcomes and fine-tuned parameters based on feedback
  • Recommended automation solutions to reach the largest number of users without the need for specialized software or programming knowledge


  • Continuously updated, deployment-ready custom critical spare parts classification solution

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