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Inventory Growth Control

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Data Analysis

Performed data analysis across multiple years and millions of records

Root-Cause Analysis

Targeted deep-dive analysis for specific transactions which helped identify root-causes of inventory growth

Inventory Management Council

Helped stand up an inventory management council to monitor future inventory transactions and trends


A vertically integrated, investor-owned utility was experiencing substantial long-term growth in its inventory levels. ScottMadden was engaged to assist in identifying the root causes of the growth and recommend solutions to control future growth.


  • Performed a comprehensive data analysis across inventory transaction data over multiple years and millions of records to identify the sources of growth
  • Developed a data visualization solution to assist management in monitoring ongoing sources of inventory growth by transaction source, i.e., division, location, part type, transaction type, and inventory status (stock-out, over-max, etc.)
  • Targeted deep-dive analyses for specific transactions to understand the rationale and actions leading up to the purchase, adjustment, repairable, milestone payment, or other transaction type


  • Supported the implementation of a monthly inventory management council to challenge and investigate inventory growth transactions with a focus on deploying solutions to mitigate growth

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