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Finance Shared Services Implementation: The Roadmap to Reducing Costs and Improving Customer Service

At a Glance

End-to-End Implementation Support

Performed end-to-end shared services implementation, including:

  • Performed current state assessment
  • Designed future state model
  • Developed interim processes
  • Created business case
  • Delivered implementation plan

Financial Savings

Expected realization of nearly $1.5 million in annual savings

Future Opportunities

Laid the foundation for future growth through migration of additional functions or acquisition of other companies


ScottMadden was engaged by a leading defense contractor to design and plan the implementation of a financial shared services center which would include accounts payable, payroll, and general ledger accounting functions.


  • Conducted a current state assessment of each function, including processes, organization roles and responsibilities, and technologies used. Assessment included development and deployment of a customer satisfaction survey
  • Designed the future state service delivery model with the project team and executives. Identified initiatives required for implementation
  • Designed interim processes to be used with the old financial system as well as future processes that were aligned with the new system
  • Developed a business case that detailed costs and benefits related to implementation
  • Conducted executive review sessions to discuss the future state design, business case results, and timeline for implementation
  • Developed an implementation plan to migrate in-scope functions from the business units to the shared services center 


  • Provided a clearer understanding of shared services’ objectives, benefits, and direction among business units
  • Resulted in expected realization of nearly $1.5 million in annual savings
  • Provided a baseline measure of customer satisfaction
  • Developed a detailed plan and timeline for transition of functions to the shared services center
  • Developed business processes based on leading practices
  • Created a platform for future growth through migration of additional functions or acquisition of other companies

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