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Energy Industry Update Volume 21, Issue 1


Saved by Zero?

A growing number of commitments to net-zero targets have been made over the past several years, and federal policy is increasingly supportive. This Energy Industry Update (EIU) examines how many energy industry stakeholders are now shifting their focus from “whether” to “how.” Before being “saved by zero,” many energy and utility companies are now considering the actions, trade-offs, and complexities that are emerging in moving toward these goals.

For an overview of this report, watch this video as industry experts share what’s covered and why it’s important.


Join more than 10,000 executives who rely on the EIU for important trends and data-driven insights. This issue will allow you to:

  • Explore Massachusetts’ recently released 2050 decarbonization roadmap, which is driving near-term planning and regulatory activity
  • Learn why electric utilities should start preparing now for fleet electrification
  • Consider the critical role that transmission needs to play in the transition to net zero

Access the associated webcast recording and presentation here.

Massachusetts’ Decarbonization Roadmap

Massachusetts achieved its 2020 emissions reduction targets. Now the state has created a cross-sector roadmap, outlining several potential pathways to reach its long-term emissions reduction goals. Discover why electric and gas utilities should look closely at the proposed policy roadmaps to understand various alternatives and embedded assumptions.

Energy and Utility Sector Themes

Over the past several months, energy and utility companies have been discussing their 2020 performance and expectations for 2021 and beyond. See emerging themes in various energy sectors, a summary of recent transaction activity, and the views of some investment analysts.

Fleet Electrification

The transportation sector is a meaningful contributor to carbon emissions, and fleet electrification could play an important role in a net-zero strategy. Efforts to achieve broad decarbonization will require stakeholders to focus on the deployment of zero-emission vehicles. Learn how electric utilities can be a key partner in this transition and why they should begin planning now.

Weather and System Performance: Test Cases

Recent weather events in California and Texas have exposed planning, process, and resource gaps in power systems. Uncover how these instances could push regulators and resource planners to consider greater tail risk in their planning scenarios.

The Critical Role of Transmission in the Net-Zero Transition

Transmission development is being recognized as a critical piece of a net-zero transition. Discover why those seeking to achieve aggressive clean energy goals are highlighting the complementary roles played by large-scale clean energy development and power transmission expansion.

The Energy Industry in Charts

This is a graphical look at interesting facts and statistics in the energy industry.

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