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Energy Industry Update Volume 20, Issue 2


Running Up That Hill

This Energy Industry Update (EIU) explores how in the midst of and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic many efforts in the energy industry can feel like running uphill. Electricity markets are being asked to evolve in ways unanticipated when they were formed. Separately, the pandemic is forcing state utilities and regulators to answer tough questions and prepare strategies for recovery. Notwithstanding, certain initiatives are gaining momentum, including progress toward clean energy goals, development of offshore wind energy, and deploying hydrogen as an energy carrier across a number of applications.

For an overview of this report, watch this video as industry experts share what’s covered and why it’s important.


Join more than 10,000 executives who rely on the EIU for important trends and data-driven insights. This issue will allow you to:

  • Understand the emerging role of hydrogen, the interest it is garnering as an energy carrier, and the technical and cost challenges it presents as an energy resource of the future
  • Learn why differences in policy and commodity preferences across states, stakeholders, and federal and state governments have pushed wholesale electricity markets to evolve in unanticipated ways than when they were formed
  • Uncover the net-zero strategies electric utilities are deploying to pursue their 100% clean energy commitments, and the roadmaps some have provided to get there

Access the associated webcast recording and presentation here.

Back to the Future for Hydrogen

The energy industry and governments around the world are beginning to view hydrogen as a promising carbon-free energy resource. Amidst this global discussion, key questions about how to make, move, and use it remain. Explore the potential pathways and challenges that delivering hydrogen as a resource presents.

Big Wave of Development Expected for Offshore Wind Energy

Offshore wind energy offers unique advantages, some limitations, and is also gaining traction in the United States. Uncover the challenges that will need to be addressed for continued growth and success.

Electricity Markets: Looking Back—and Ahead

Electricity markets have encouraged technological innovation and asset turnover in the power generation sector and have helped lower power prices. Discover why 20 years later, they are trying to adapt to new and competing policy priorities.

Regulatory Responses to COVID-19

In response to the pandemic, state utilities and regulators are having to shift their priorities. How can they help customers? How much financial protection should be provided for utilities? Explore strategies for achieving COVID-19 cost recovery and preparing for the next disruption.

100% Clean Energy Commitments and Net-Zero Strategies

Many states and utilities have 100% clean energy goals, but now they are considering near-term steps to get there. Discover the costs involved and new technologies necessary for continued progress to be made.

The Energy Industry in Charts

A graphical look at divergences in the energy industry.

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