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Strategic Growth Plan for a Renewables Owner & Operator

At A Glance

Market Assessment

Completed comprehensive market assessment for U.S. renewable energy

Strategic Goals

Performed current state analysis and worked with executives to formulate strategic goals and objectives

5X Growth

Developed 5-year strategic plan that guided client to 5X growth


Our client, a national developer, owner, and operator of utility-scale wind, solar, and battery storage assets recently completed a major acquisition. The purchase expanded their asset portfolio and project pipeline to include all renewable resource types (e.g., wind, solar, storage) across all U.S. markets. In the fast-growing renewables market, they faced several challenges, including persistent regulatory uncertainty, rising development costs, and tough competition.


  • Researched and compiled a comprehensive U.S. renewable energy market assessment that included deep dives into key topics such as transmission and interconnection
  • Performed a current state analysis of the company’s financial performance, operational capabilities, asset portfolio, development pipeline, and organizational structure
  • Formulated strategic goals and objectives through a series of executive workshops, ideated key strategic projects, and investments
  • Modeled the company’s financial and operational performance over the planning horizon based on a variety of different external and internal scenarios


Developed a board-approved, five-year corporate strategic plan that guided the client to 5x growth over the planning period. The plan included:

  • Portfolio, pipeline, revenue, and profitability objectives
  • Targeted market and technology expansion across regions
  • Key strategic projects and investments to expand the company’s capabilities and support brand differentiation

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