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Utilities are beginning to understand the inherent value of energy storage to their networks. As a result, the tide is turning in storage. Opening markets and improving economics are shifting attention to what it takes to implement storage projects. This includes addressing questions around best practices in procurement, business models, and owning and operating energy storage assets.

As state commissions and legislatures continue to advance storage policy at the state level and FERC drives storage participation in wholesale markets, we are nearing a long-awaited inflection point for storage. Now, we need to focus on what will be required to implement these policies.

Energy Storage Services

How Should Utilities Approach a Rapidly Changing Energy Storage Landscape?

Rapid advancement in energy storage technologies is presenting utilities with significant opportunities. Capturing this emerging market opportunity requires careful planning using three key initiatives (shown below).

  • In addition to this approach, utilities should continue to monitor the emergence of new technologies—most notably long-duration storage—and evolving market opportunities.

Utilities Approach to a Rapidly Changing Energy Storage Landscape

ScottMadden supports a variety of clients, including utilities, energy market participants, aggregators, retail energy users, industrial companies, and the federal government.

We work with you to integrate energy storage into your operations and business processes whether you are contemplating your first pilot project or developing a comprehensive energy storage strategy.



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