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Decarbonization Challenges and Solutions

As the clean energy transition progresses, gas utilities are facing pressure from regulators and policy makers to decarbonize operations. As electrification expands and clean heat alternatives become more prevalent, the role of the gas utility is shifting. In this environment, assessing both operational and regulatory alternatives is becoming more important. Understanding the costs and timing of this transition and the role that gas utilities have to play is critical.

Collaborative Decarbonization Planning with ScottMadden

ScottMadden works with gas utilities to evaluate the implications of carbon-reduction objectives on the utility business model and identify regulatory alternatives that facilitate the achievement of these objectives. Our team brings expertise in gas utility regulation and operations and has significant experience in clean heat and renewable natural gas.

ScottMadden can assist your team with:

  • Industry insights: Providing insights into what strategies and approaches have worked and the alternatives available within your jurisdiction
  • Strategic evaluation: Helping you evaluate economic and operational alternatives and their impacts to customer affordability
  • Regulatory strategy: Developing regulatory strategies that can enable you to meet decarbonization and customer objectives
  • Execution: Guiding the implementation of your decarbonization program

ScottMadden has both the expertise and the experience to help guide your decarbonization efforts. We bring lessons learned from jurisdictions across the country to provide the best possible operational and regulatory options to manage your business through the clean energy transition.

Let’s Work Together

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