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Transportation Electrification: Transforming the Energy Landscape

At the intersection of energy and mobility, ScottMadden is actively shaping the future of transportation electrification. Recognizing the transformative impact of electric vehicles (EVs), we are positioned to address the challenges and seize the opportunities it presents. In addition to creating electrification strategies and implementing those initiatives, we help our clients forge partnerships across the EV ecosystem. This includes collaborating with automakers, retailers, and other stakeholders to develop effective charging infrastructure and engage customers in understanding the benefits and nuances of EVs. We are committed to driving this evolution, ensuring our clients are equipped to thrive in the burgeoning EV market.

ScottMadden’s Expertise in EV Integration

ScottMadden specializes in guiding utilities through the integration of EVs into their business models and operations. Our services encompass developing EV-charging programs, organizational structures, distribution planning, novel business processes, outreach programs, and attractive charging incentives. Our dual expertise in the energy and EV sectors uniquely positions us to help you navigate this evolving landscape.

Comprehensive EV Services Offered

  • EV Strategy and Roadmap Development: Crafting comprehensive strategies and roadmaps tailored to navigate the evolving EV landscape
  • EV Charging Infrastructure: Combining regulatory insight with practical program implementation to enable robust charging infrastructure development
  • Fleet Electrification: Assisting utilities in the complex journey of fleet electrification—from planning to execution
  • EV Adoption Outreach and Education: Enhancing customer awareness and adoption through targeted education and outreach initiatives
  • Strategic Regulatory Navigation: Assisting clients in maneuvering through the complex landscape of incentives, mandates, and planning requirements to craft regulatory strategies that bolster their EV goals
  • Tailored Program Design for EV Initiatives: Designing effective programs that align with service territory characteristics and strategic objectives, ensuring regulatory and EV policy objectives are met efficiently


Your Partner in Transportation Electrification

At ScottMadden, we work hand in hand with you to define and achieve your transportation electrification goals. The electrification of transportation will have profound impacts on utilities and customers and stands to bring both tremendous challenges and great opportunities.

In a landscape marked by rapidly evolving clean energy goals, we have excelled in guiding organizations to achieve their electrification ambitions strategically and successfully. ScottMadden has first-hand experience with the needs of utilities, fleets, and charging infrastructure providers and the incentives and programs available to them as they transition to a cleaner electric future.

Let’s Work Together

We don’t solve problems with canned methodologies, we help you solve the right problem in the right way. Our experience ensures that the solution works for you.