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The Energy Industry Update – Volume 9, Issue 1

Energy Industry Update

A New Administration and a New Era

The Energy Industry Update (EIU) is a compendium of breaking news, emerging issues, and recent developments in the energy industry.

Despite talk of “green shoots” of economic recovery, the global economy continues to endure a difficult recession and a challenging financial environment. Utilities, however, have weathered this downturn with some resilience and have been more favorably positioned than other sectors.

In the Summer 2009 issue of The ScottMadden Energy Industry Update, we look at how the energy and utility industry is actively navigating policy, investment, and the economic slowdown, in hopes that normalcy will return soon. However, it is not yet clear what that the new “normal” for the industry will look like.

We hope you will find The ScottMadden Energy Industry Update a useful and informative resource. If you would like to discuss our observations in greater detail or have us present them or our views on other industry or management issues to your executive team, please contact us.

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