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Nuclear Generation

Nuclear Generation: Clean, Safe, and Reliable

The current fleet of nuclear reactors provides safe, reliable, baseload power that is critical to meet today’s energy needs. Advanced reactors hold promise to be a more flexible component of the future energy grid, complementing intermittent renewables.


ScottMadden’s Experience in Nuclear Generation

ScottMadden is a leader in nuclear, providing unparalleled consulting services to some of the most significant operators in the industry. Our engagements have spanned North America to Europe to the Middle East, demonstrating our expansive reach and deep understanding of the nuclear sector. We have delivered projects to more than 80% of operating and decommissioned nuclear stations in North America, serving both large fleet operators and stand-alone plants. Our dedication to safety and operational excellence aligns perfectly with the core values of nuclear operators.

Our Nuclear Generation Services

  • Business and Cost Management: Streamlining operations for cost effectiveness and business efficiency
  • Peer-to-Peer Benchmarking: Comparing performance metrics with industry peers to identify improvement areas
  • Organizational Structure Optimization: Structuring and staffing for maximum operational efficiency
  • Targeted Operational Improvements: Focusing on specific operational areas for continuous improvement
  • Nuclear Fleet Operating Models: Developing models for optimal fleet management
  • Plant Turnaround Efforts: Assisting plants in turnaround and improvement initiatives
  • M&A Integration Facilitation: Providing planning and guidance for seamless integration in merger and acquisition scenarios
  • New Build and Refurbishment Support: Offering comprehensive support for new construction and refurbishments, including opportunities to deploy advanced reactors
  • Decommissioning Support: Offering expert guidance through the decommissioning process, including reduced staffing requirements over time

At ScottMadden, our goal is to empower nuclear operators with the tools, strategies, and insights necessary for safe, efficient, and sustainable operations. Our global experience and tailored service offerings make us the ideal partner for nuclear generation entities looking to enhance their operational capabilities and strategic positioning in the global energy landscape.

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