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Marc Miller


Marc Miller is a partner with ScottMadden and has more than 20 years of experience helping business leaders become more successful. His clients range from Fortune 500 companies to government-owned entities to small businesses. Marc has expertise in strategy development, business transformation, operational excellence and leading practices, supply chain management, and other management practices across a broad range of functions in several industries, especially energy and related services.

Prior to joining ScottMadden, Marc gained extensive experience through various business leadership positions at public and private companies. He received a bachelor of industrial engineering, with highest honor, and a master of science in industrial engineering from Georgia Tech, where he was a National Merit Scholar, a Governor’s Scholar, and a George Fellow.

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Recent Assignments

  • Provided integration expertise and project management support to a generation and transmission company as it assessed the opportunity to acquire a neighboring utility with nearly $3 billion in assets
  • Served as an external industry expert on the strategic planning steering committee for an energy company with more than $40 billion in assets
  • Partnered with the CEO and executive team of a large electric utility to align with the board of directors on a 10-year strategy. Produced detailed analysis of the current situation to develop a common understanding and employed scenario planning, envisioning, and working sessions to gain agreement on the vision and plan
  • Served as a strategy development and implementation expert on the strategic planning steering committee for an energy company with more than $1 billion in revenue
  • Advised the EVP of a $5 billion public power company and served as project director for an enterprise-wide business transformation effort to deliver a 20% labor savings over a 36-month period; ultimately achieved cumulative savings of approximately $500 million, as attested to by the CEO
  • Co-conceived and drove major process improvement and reengineering efforts with the C-suite of an $11 billion integrated energy company to harvest labor cost savings of more than $200 million. Served as the primary strategic advisor and led establishment and operation of the PMO
  • Worked with the CEO and chief admin officer of a multibillion-dollar, rate-regulated utility, identifying opportunities across HR, finance, IT, supply chain, EHS, legal, regulatory affairs, and real estate & facilities to reduce annual operating costs by more than $60 million while improving scalability and service through the implementation of a multifunction shared services organization
  • Worked with the chief procurement officer and CFO of an electric and gas utility with $6 billion in annual revenue to fully assess the supply chain function and plan a transformation to deliver $185 million in sustainable savings at approximately 12x ROI in under six years while significantly improving business integration and service
  • Led the effort for an integrated electric and gas utility with plans for $17 billion in regulated infrastructure investments over the next five years to develop a scalable capital project procurement framework that aligned with industry leading practices and upstream engineering and project management standards
  • Improved control and management of a $700 million inventory asset, reducing growth by 6% to 8% while maintaining service level and achieving a $6 million per-year reduction in associated obsolescence charges
  • Supported the director of sourcing at an integrated electric and gas utility with approximately $2.5 billion in annual spend under management to establish a strategic procurement roadmap to guide future sourcing efforts
  • Worked with supply chain and business personnel to develop a strategic procurement strategy for all freight, transportation, and logistics at a utility with $30 billion in assets, improving service and reducing workload while decreasing annual expense by more than 25%
  • Worked with the CEO and leadership team of a government-owned power and water utility to improve the integration and performance of asset management and supply chain management across the enterprise. Closed gaps to leading practices and international standards while delivering near-term benefits and building momentum through a foundation of executive support, clear governance, and staff engagement
  • Worked closely with the CFO, their team, and their customers to redesign the financial planning and budgeting process for one of the largest investor-owned utilities in the United States to enhance integration across the business and produce significant improvements in process reliability, efficiency, and flexibility. Designed supporting organization and implementation strategy, including project and change management
  • Partnered with the CNO of one of North America’s 10 largest nuclear operators to redesign the end-to-end “need-to-use” process to improve parts availability across a 10-unit nuclear fleet. Implemented a transformational improvement program of 19 fleet-wide initiatives, covering engineering, work management, operations, maintenance, and supply chain, which delivered an 80% reduction in the number of work orders dropped from original scope due to parts issues and a 20% improvement in critical work order survivability
  • Supported evidence related to nuclear power generation cost performance for the rate application of a generation company with nearly 19 GW of capacity. Support included preparing and finalizing evidence, sponsoring reports, responding to interrogatories and undertakings, and preparing argument
  • Developed a global market analysis on small modular reactors (SMRs) for an international owners’ group of nuclear power plant operators and its committee of industry executives focused on identifying commercial opportunities for domestic and international deployment of SMRs from the late 2020s to mid-2050s
  • Partnered with one of the largest nuclear operators in North America to develop a vision for the deployment of SMRs along with a framework for stakeholder engagement. The board approved the vision, and a new organization was established to advance this strategic priority
  • Supported plant performance recovery effort for one of the world’s largest nuclear fleet operators by improving engagement and performance through a gap assessment, alignment of leaders on key metrics, standardization of site communications, and development of visual journey for five-year pursuit of excellence
  • Worked with the CNO and the leaders of maintenance, operations, work management, and engineering to plan, design, and implement a major improvement program across a 6,600 MW nuclear power generating fleet focused on completing more of the most important work in the plants through efficiency gains
  • Conducted benchmarking for a large nuclear power generator focused on inventory management metrics and practices that covered 13 companies with a total of 38 nuclear sites and 78 operating reactor units in four countries; subsequent report detailed findings, observations, and specific recommendations for improvement
  • Partnered with the CNO of one of the largest nuclear fleet operators in North America to assess key management processes and controls, prioritize improvements based on the potential benefit to the strategic focus areas of the organization, and support the work required to implement and capture these benefits
  • Assessed enterprise-wide IT for the CIO of a very large generation utility with more than 16 GW of capacity. Developed an implementation plan designed to increase innovation and better support the acquisitive growth strategy of the company through greater efficiency, effectiveness, and security
  • Developed and implemented a utility supply chain transformation with the chief supply officer focused on strengthening partnerships, delivering value, and improving the culture for a multibillion-dollar electric utility, including identification of more than $65 million in savings, delivering a client ROI on advisory support of more than 1000%
  • Led strategy development for a national nuclear industry association with 32 board members comprised of industry executives. Aligned board and management on strategic priorities, the associated keys to success, and plans for measurement and monitoring, gaining board approval on the new strategy


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