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Bruce Power: How to Streamline Your Environmental Monitoring Program

At a Glance

Reporting System

Assisted Bruce Power with the transition to RTI’s Nu-PathNetSM, a state-of-the-art environmental data reporting system that provides enhanced capabilities in:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Access controls
  • Data visualization and analysis

Net Savings

Automating or eliminating low-value tasks created immediate savings greater than the cost of the software

Immediate Effects

The platform increased environmental reporting efficiency as well as data transparency and integrity


ScottMadden was engaged, along with RTI International, to help Bruce Power streamline and automate its environmental monitoring programs, which suffered from inefficiencies in the reporting process and used out-of-date software to analyze environmental data. ScottMadden and RTI were tasked with helping to formulate and execute a strategy that would reduce the time needed to collect environmental data from the field, analyze the data in the laboratory, and report on adverse trends. 


  • Documented existing processes by site, report, and parameter which provided a comprehensive view of the report generation process
  • Assisted Bruce Power with the transition to RTI’s Nu-PathNetSM, a state-of-the-art, real-time environmental data reporting system that provides enhanced capabilities in cybersecurity, access controls, and data visualization and analysis
  • Performed data migration for environmental programs to maintain the historical record
  • Trained users and system administrators on the software and gathered feedback to tailor software to the end user’s needs
  • Provided a reference guide and technical manual to educate new personnel and serve as a desk-side resource


  • Eliminated or automated many low-value administrative tasks using Nu-PathNetSM, allowing the organization to free up time for higher-value tasks such as site performance improvements
  • Produced more efficient and reliable environmental reports such as the annual Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program
  • Provided improved data integrity through fully compliant cloud storage with robust cybersecurity protections
  • Employed documented processes, reference guides, and updated procedures as a more effective tool to onboard and train new and existing employees on the company’s environmental processes

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