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Management Model/Playbook Implementation and Development

At a Glance

Management Model/Playbook

Designed, in collaboration with the client, a company-wide management model/playbook that captured: 

  • Vision, values, and strategic focus
  • All their ongoing programs and business philosophies

Long-Term Effects

Established a platform to foster long-term standardization and performance improvement

Performance Metric Improvement

Substantially improved performance in the first year with:

  • 12 of 22 performance metrics improving to first quartile, half of which started below median
  • Another six improved from below median to above median


Despite 20 years of operations experience, a top-10 nuclear fleet operator realized that its performance relative to other nuclear fleets had declined. They had not leveraged synergies or best practices across their fleet, and their management was resistant to adopting new changes. ScottMadden was engaged by the organization for its management model expertise to help improve nuclear fleet organizational clarity, alignment, and standardization and improve overall performance. 


  • Increased operational clarity, alignment, and standardization through implementation of the GOSP (Governance-Oversight-Support-Perform) model 
  • Realigned organization around 29 functional areas, each with a corporate lead and site lead to enable the model and deliver “200% accountability” 
  • Used extensive industry knowledge to identify best practices across the fleet and support functional areas as they formulated the desired future state
  • Assisted client in the implementation of the future state by assisting in the project management across each functional area
  • Developed and distributed to all employees a management model/playbook that captured the organization’s vision, values, and strategic focus areas as well as all the multiple programs and business philosophies, including the GOSP model, using targeted communications and rigorous change management


  • Designed, in collaboration with the client, a company-wide management model/playbook and functional area guidebooks for each of the 29 functional areas
  • Established a platform to foster long-term standardization and performance improvement
  • Improved 12 of 22 performance metrics to first quartile, with half from below median and another six improved from below median to above median within one year

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