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Safety Services and Solutions

The Challenge

Organizations continue to struggle with serious injury and fatality events due to following challenges:

  • Processes and procedures do not have integrated safety guidance
  • Work practices do not match the standards
  • Some workers have never seen proper safe work behaviors
  • Standards are disconnected from operations – corporate safety jargon
  • Workers are expected to interpret regulatory (OSHA) standards and how to apply them to their work in the field
  • Some have “pencil whipped” safety audit and hazard analysis activities
  • Workers are not focused on critical hazards and defenses/mitigations for those hazards
  • Verification by frontline leaders often wanes as a job evolves, leading to improper oversight
  • Incident analyses are limited in scope to that type of work or specific crew
  • Safety recovery efforts and corrective actions may not address the root cause or fix programmatic gaps
  • Improper behaviors are tolerated, leading to a weak safety culture


Our clients have identified significant benefits from our safety solutions:

Safety benefits: improved safety behaviors, reduced risk, improved supervisor effectiveness, improved profitability, reduced serious injuries and fatalities

“ScottMadden has unique field experience and perspective that other consultants don’t have and/or bring to bear on their assessments.”

–Safety Program Manager for a large
Investor Owned Electric and Gas Utility

“ScottMadden doesn’t just point out gaps in their assessments, they bring a practical perspective on the fixes we can implement to address our performance deficiencies.”

–Transmission Operations VP

Where We Have Worked

ScottMadden has supported safety improvement efforts across the following industries and sectors:


  • Transmission
  • Distribution
  • Nuclear
  • Generation
  • Natural Gas




Safety Project

“I’ve worked alongside a lot of consultants and contractors in my 30 years with my company, and I have never had a consultant like ScottMadden roll up their sleeves to understand how programmatic enhancements would impact the workforce in the field.”

–Safety VP for a large Investor Owner Electric and Gas Utility

Our View on Safety

Our philosophy on safety is based on the following principles:


  • Well-documented safety expectations – written or video standards
  • Knowledge to easily identify and assess risk to determine critical hazards


  • Training for workers and frontline leaders to establish technical knowledge and safe work practices
  • Learning through real-life scenarios
  • Changing behaviors to drive improved performance


  • A safety audit or operational excellence process that identifies and fixes issues before an event occurs
  • Independent field observations to validate safety and operational performance


  • Courage and confidence for anyone to “hit the pause button”
  • A culture that embraces learning and feedback
Our View on Safety
Our View on Safety

Solutions and Services

We bring a practical, operational focus to safety engagements, based on our deep energy function experience.

Safety Program Assessment and Audit
  • Programmatic assessment
  • Organizational and governance review
  • Independent safety data analysis
  • Incident root cause analysis and investigation support
  • Field observation – Functional safety audits
Safety Improvement
  • Safety program recovery
  • Safety organization transformation
  • Serious Injury and Fatality (SIF) risk reduction
  • Safety culture improvement
  • Job hazard analysis review and modernization
  • Supervisor safety fundamental enhancement
  • Integrated procedure development
NXTGEN Training
  • Training modernization strategy
  • e-Learning development
  • Micro-learning videos
  • VR-Lite simulations using 360 video
  • Virtual walkthroughs
Field Validation and Performance Verification
  • Field observation – Verification safety audits
  • Coaching for operational leaders, safety and training personnel
  • Implementation planning
  • Gap remediation
For more information on how ScottMadden can help you improve safety and standardize best practices in your organization, please contact us.

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