Energy Industry Update: Fall 2004

The ScottMadden Energy Industry Update

The Energy Industry Update (EIU) is a compendium of breaking news, emerging issues, and recent developments in the energy industry.

The fall 2004 EIU looks at how companies view and adapt to the uncertain drivers of industry structure. It also looks into how companies are slashing costs through outsourcing while at the same time finding the need for more top-line growth. In addition, the issue looks at the impact of SOX legislation on organizational structure and at the impact of financial institutions and hedge funds on energy trading.

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The Energy Industry Update - Volume 16 - Issue 2

The energy industry is changing, and its regulatory and financial moorings are shifting. Competitive markets combined with other factors may lead to early nuclear unit retirement. Continuing changes in energy supply and demand patterns create a complex operation environment for electric utilities. Federal and state policy lines are beginning to blur as states have been increasingly intervening in FERC domain seeking favorable outcomes for their citizens and other local constituencies. In our Update, themed “As Yogi Berra Might Say…,” we look at the unusual picture drawn by the juxtaposition of these changes.

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