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A large transmission and distribution utility was seeking to improve the consistency of project cost and schedule for a capital project delivery to ensure it was eligible for a bi-annual rate case cost recovery.


  • To identify areas for improvement, we conducted more than 50 interviews to assess performance across 300 Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) practices. We then categorized the findings into “like” groups, and we worked with the client to prioritize those of highest consequence.
  • To complete the assessment phase, we worked with the client’s team to brainstorm improvement opportunities and rank them based on impact and ease of implementation, resulting in a prioritized implementation plan.
  • Finally, we worked with the client to define its overall planning lifecycle and develop supporting governance and documentation to improve project management consistency and monitoring capabilities.


  • A defined transmission planning lifecycle and associated RACI were developed.
  • Activity summaries for all 38 activities in the lifecycle ensured consistency and the ability to monitor. This documentation included a short description of the activity, key stakeholders involved, roles and responsibilities, document references, and reporting details.
  • A project selection and classification guide explained which requirements applied to each type of project.
  • Standards for document management and organized materials were created.

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