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Modernizing the grid is a key priority for utilities across the United States. Not only does grid modernization improve grid reliability and resiliency, but it also allows utilities to accommodate greater amounts of distributed energy resources that can enhance grid performance and efficiency. Navigating new grid technologies and understanding their implications for utility operations and business models can be complex. However, with the right tools and resources, utilities can be successfully navigate these changes and take full advantage of the benefits of grid modernization.

By leveraging expertise, research, and innovative solutions, utilities will be in a better position to adapt this evolving landscape. Ultimately, maximizing grid modernization requires both technical expertise and an agile approach to change for utilities to stay ahead of emerging trends in grid management and remain competitive in a growing market.

The Importance of Grid Modernization

Grid modernization has rapidly become an important concept in the energy industry. With the rapid pace of technological change taking place within the grid, from changes in generation methods to innovations in transmission and distribution, grid modernization has become a catch-all phrase to refer to all the changes that need to be made for our power grid to keep up with these new technological developments. At its core, grid modernization is about ensuring that our grid can keep pace with rapid progress in the energy sector by using cutting-edge technologies, adopting new grid management techniques, and upgrading hardware from switches and transformers to smart meters and other advanced tools. Whether we are looking at microgrids, peer-to-peer trading systems or other innovative solutions under development today, grid modernization will plat a key role in shaping the future of energy as we know it.

The grid is the backbone of our modern society, powering everything from homes and businesses to transportation systems and communications networks. We must maintain and continually update this vital infrastructure to meet the demands of the 21st century. One way through grid modernization services, which involve incorporating advanced smart grid technologies into existing grids.

By doing so, we can help to ensure that our grid remains resilient in the face of problems such as power outages or natural disasters. Furthermore, grid modernization services can also improve grid efficiency and increase the integration of wind and solar power into the grid system. Ultimately, upgrading the grid benefits energy security and makes economic sense by helping us save on energy costs over time. We must invest in grid modernization services today to support our society functioning smoothly into the future.

Grid Modernization Consulting

At ScottMadden, we offer comprehensive grid modernization consulting services to help utilities make the most of new grid technologies. Our services include:

  • Assessing the state of your grid and identifying opportunities for improvement;
  • Evaluating new grid technologies and their potential impact on your operations;
  • Developing a roadmap for grid modernization, including implementation timelines and costs;
  • Providing project management support to ensure successful implementation of grid modernization projects.

Our team of experienced consultants has a deep understanding of the latest grid technologies and can provide tailored consulting services to meet your specific needs.

ScottMadden’s Grid Modernization Road Map

Watch this video as Cristin Lyons and Justin Stevens discuss the ScottMadden Grid Modernization Road Map.


Grid Modernization Services

Our team brings a depth of expertise in grid modernization from having worked across myriad utility and regulatory initiatives. ScottMadden’s grid modernization services provide you with a solution that will meet your internal goals while incorporating critical learnings from across the United States. Our experience in developing industry white papers and testimony will help you tell your story to regulators in a way that advances your company objectives and aligns with your overall goals. Let us work side-by-side with your subject matter experts to develop your grid modernization vision and strategic road map today.

  • Grid modernization road map/investment plan
  • Benefit-cost analyses
  • Operations integration
  • Regulatory strategy
  • Utility business models/platform service revenues
  • Performance-based rate making /earning adjustment mechanisms



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