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Grid Modernization

Grid Modernization: Paving the Way for a Resilient and Efficient Energy Future

In the rapidly evolving energy landscape, modernization of the grid is critical for utilities to be able to meet decarbonization goals and customer demands. The deployment of infrastructure to modernize the grid not only enhances reliability and resiliency but also underpins the integration of distributed energy resources and the rapid growth of electrified transportation and heating.


ScottMadden’s Expertise in Grid Modernization

With more than 40 years of experience in transmission and distribution, our expertise and proven approach enable you to plan the grid that is needed to meet the emerging needs of the clean energy transition. We help you implement a modernized, resilient grid that is more flexible and responsive to changing energy demands and customer needs. Our services include:
  • Grid State Assessment: Conducting comprehensive evaluations to identify improvement areas in the current system
  • Technological Impact Analysis: Providing in-depth evaluations of emerging grid technologies and their impact on utility operations
  • Modernization Roadmap Development: Crafting and implementing tailored grid modernization roadmaps and investment plans, including timelines and cost analyses
  • Operational Integration: Seamlessly integrating operations to align with modern grid requirements
  • Regulatory Strategy: Developing regulatory strategies and innovative utility business models to support regulatory approval of grid modernization initiatives
  • Project Management Support: Providing dedicated support to drive successful execution of grid modernization projects and programs


In working with ScottMadden, you have a partner on your journey toward a more resilient, efficient, and sustainable grid to [CS2] shape a future where energy systems meet the evolving demands of customers and the environment.

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