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Transmission Strategy and Operations

Energizing Tomorrow: ScottMadden’s Transmission Strategy and Operations

Transmission is critical to meeting our clean energy objectives. With the United States on a path to achieve ambitious clean energy goals, increasing load and significant growth in renewable energy necessitate a substantial expansion in transmission capacity.


Your Strategic Partner in Transmission

ScottMadden has worked with transmission owners and operators for decades to plan, build, and operate this infrastructure. Our services include:
  • Capital Planning: Expertise in capital project planning, ensuring investments align with your long-term energy goals
  • Organization Optimization: Assessing and building the organization and processes you need to manage the growing transmission system
  • Project Management: Offering comprehensive project management services from planning through execution
  • Market Insights: Providing in-depth market assessments to inform transmission development strategies within the transforming energy landscape
  • Organization Start-up: Providing resources and expertise to stand up new transmission organizations
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Helping you navigate the stakeholder landscape to effectively build and operate new transmission


ScottMadden will partner with you to plan, build, and operate the transmission system needed to enable this clean energy transition.

Let’s Work Together

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