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Demand-side Management

Harnessing Demand-Side Management for a Sustainable Future

Demand-side management (DSM) plays a crucial role in shaping a sustainable, efficient electric grid. As the grid evolves with intermittent generation and changing demand patterns, DSM, which includes demand response and energy efficiency, is becoming more important. It leverages advanced technologies to enable all customers to play an active part in grid stability by reducing overall energy usage and reducing load at peak times. DSM can reduce peak energy demand, lower utility bills, and mitigate environmental impacts. These technologies and programs are evolving through increased automation and the entry of a variety of market participants.


ScottMadden’s Expertise in Demand-Side Management

Our team at ScottMadden specializes in DSM consulting. With a deep understanding of energy efficiency and demand response technologies, we guide clients in designing and implementing effective DSM strategies. We cater to various stakeholders, including utilities, energy market participants, and government entities.


Our Comprehensive DSM Services

ScottMadden offers a variety of DSM services tailored to your and your customers’ needs:
  • Evaluation of Cost Effectiveness of DSM Programs: Helping you assess DSM program efficiency to ensure alignment with regulatory standards and provide optimal value
  • Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Program Design: Creating tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of your service territory and customers
  • Energy Efficiency Initiatives: Developing strategies to reduce consumption and enhance operational efficiency; working with you to integrate these initiatives into new business models
  • Regulatory Strategy Development: Helping you navigate the complex regulatory landscape and developing strategies to meet your operational and regulatory objectives
  • Cost Effectiveness Evaluation: Evaluating the cost effectiveness of DSM programs to assess them against alternatives and support regulatory approval
  • Smart Grid Integration: Leveraging technology to meet operational and economic objectives for you and your customers


Our expertise in DSM enables clients to effectively manage energy usage and demand, contributing to a more sustainable future. Partnering with ScottMadden means investing in innovative, impactful DSM strategies that meet the evolving needs of today’s energy markets and customers.


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