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Talent Acquisition Challenges: Leveraging AI Technology

At a Glance

Requirements Gathering

Gathered requirements from the many TA customers:

  • Hiring managers
  • TA subject matter experts
  • HR tech administrators and owners

Vendor Selection

Facilitated a comprehensive vendor selection process that included:

  • Request for proposal
  • Due diligence
  • Implementation planning
  • Vendor selection


ScottMadden’s assistance helped the client to:

  • Host more than 400 events nationwide 
  • Schedule interviews with nearly 30,000 candidates in less than three minutes per candidate
  • Send move than 300,000 messages to candidates


A food service and facilities management organization faced challenges hiring 80,000 candidates a year. ScottMadden led an assessment of the talent acquisition (TA) organization and discovered low candidate conversion rates, non-efficient processes, and opportunities for enhanced candidate experience. Although there was significant web traffic to the organization’s “Careers” page, the 1.2 million unique visits translated to only 220 applications.


  • Gained a deep understanding of the client’s processes, metrics, business model, and demands
  • Gathered requirements from the TA customers—hiring managers, TA subject matter experts, and HR technology administrators and owners
  • Developed requirements that focused on specific functionality that resolved the identified challenges and aligned with the organization’s HR technology roadmap
  • Identified solutions that were experimental and scalable with low implementation efforts that could quickly yield a high value
  • Facilitated a comprehensive vendor selection process, from issuing the request for proposal through final vendor selection, due diligence, and implementation planning


  • Selected Paradox, a leading conversational AI recruiting software, which met and exceeded the functional requirements and the client’s expectations
  • Collaborated to develop a roadmap to expand the use cases and scale adoption of the new technology across the enterprise
  • To date, the organization has hosted more than 400 events nationwide and has scheduled interviews with nearly 30,000 candidates in less than three minutes per candidate

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