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Catalyzing Change Within a Large Private University

At a Glance

Stakeholder Conversations

Facilitated monthly change agent network meetings, bi-weekly huddle meetings, and organic touchpoints for leaders through coffee chats and office hours

Employee Feedback

Administered pulse surveys and led engagement sessions to incorporate feedback from 120+ HR community members and ensure that every employee’s voice was heard

Tangible Results

Increased the number of employees who aligned with HR’s vision for the future by 22% over a four-month period


A leading private research university was navigating the journey to futurize its HR function of more than 120 employees, with a goal to streamline work, ensure compliance, and better support the university. However, a lack of alignment to these goals among HR workers, as well as the challenges brought on by the global pandemic, hindered the project team’s ability to implement change successfully. ScottMadden was engaged as a change management partner to help create a shared level of understanding and build trust among the HR department.


  • Introduced feedback loops to gather and centralize all feedback data, analysis, and information
  • Hosted leader alignment workshops to share the programmatic approach and equip leaders and managers
  • Organized a change agent network to expand the program’s reach
  • Assessed employee voice and buy-in through surveys, engagement sessions, and focus groups


  • Grew employee’s overall understanding of the future HR vision by 22% over a four-month period
  • Operationalized 12 opportunities through pulse surveys and engagement sessions to capture feedback from 120+ HR community members, ensuring every employee’s voice was heard
  • Facilitated monthly change agent network meetings, bi-weekly huddle meetings, and organic touchpoints for leaders through coffee chats and office hours as a result of employee feedback
  • Provided a future-state plan to build on current momentum

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