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Effective Change Management for Government Contractors

At A Glance

Executed Change Plan

Executed a three-prong change management plan, including

  • Communications
  • Training
  • Stakeholder Engagement Activities

Gathered Feedback

Created feedback loop to continually improve change approach

Managed Resistance to Change

Identified and addressed sources of resistance to change


ScottMadden led the change management planning and execution for the rollout of an out-of-the-box program management tool. Ahead of the launch, the business encountered significant resistance from the impacted stakeholders, which were accustomed to their long-standing, customizable, homegrown tools. ScottMadden leveraged its change management methodologies and tools to address the heavy resistance and drive adoption of a more comprehensive, scalable, and standardized tool set.


  • Assessed change readiness of the impacted stakeholders through a series of interviews
  • Conducted a stakeholder impact assessment to identify how each stakeholder group would be impacted
  • Developed and executed a three-prong change management plan, including communications, training, and stakeholder engagement activities, in order to move each stakeholder group along the change curve
  • Established a consistent stakeholder feedback loop to support continuous improvement of the change management approach
  • Redesigned the pre-existing training plan in order to reduce the training demand on stakeholders, increase engagement, and improve comprehension
  • Established post-launch support teams and engagement activities in order to increase near- and long-term adoption and use of the tool


  • Identified and addressed sources of initial resistance
  • Managed stakeholder engagement and feedback

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