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Global Model Design and Implementation

Global Model Design Enhanced by Intelligent Automation and AI

ScottMadden excels in global service delivery model design, merging intelligent automation and AI to achieve operational excellence and adaptability in today’s market. Our focus is not only on immediate savings but also on crafting robust, scalable, and resilient operations.


Benefits of Effective Global Model Design

  • Leveraging low-cost locations to optimize budgetary spending
  • Utilizing creative solutions such as “landlord models” to further expand savings
  • Aligning services with superior skill sets, leveraging AI for performance enhancement
  • Standardizing practices and processes globally, enabling scalability and uniform operations
  • Navigating political and economic shifts to maintain business continuity
  • Unlocking savings beyond traditional shared services models, paving the way for innovation and growth


ScottMadden’s Expertise at Your Service

  • Design/Assessment Studies: We conduct comprehensive design and assessment studies, incorporating end-to-end process evaluations, intelligent automation capabilities, and organizational structure assessments
  • Implementation Support: Our hands-on implementation support ensures seamless transition and execution, including oversight of system implementation
  • Location Studies: Detailed location studies are performed to identify the most advantageous and resilient locations for your centers
  • Process and AI Alignment: We help you align processes with intelligent automation and AI, improving performance and consistency across all regions
  • COE Standups: We help you establish centers of expertise (COEs) to provide high-value services, govern operations, and remain competitive via continuous improvement


ScottMadden is your partner in designing a global model that not only aligns with your strategic goals but also equips you for future challenges and opportunities through the integration of intelligent automation and AI.

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