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Work Activity Assessment

Work Activity Assessment: Unveiling Operational Insights 

In an era where optimizing delivery models is key, understanding the intricacies of your organization’s work processes is vital. ScottMadden provides a comprehensive Work Activity Assessment, a pivotal tool for businesses considering changes to their operational strategies, from adopting shared services to refining existing delivery models.   

Strategic Benefits of Conducting a Work Activity Assessment 

  • Comprehensive Work Documentation: Thoroughly quantifying existing work performed by your organization and identifying the labor cost associated with the work 
  • Detailed Activity Analysis: Identifying which employees are involved with specific processes and tasks 
  • Baseline Creation for Change: Establishing a reference for measuring future modifications and progress 


Discovering Opportunities for Improvement 

The Work Activity Assessment provides key inputs as you embark on changes to your delivery model.   

  • Redundancy Identification: Spotting overlapping tasks across roles and parts of the organization 
  • Role and Task Alignment: Detecting misalignments between tasks and job roles 
  • Opportunities for Streamlining and Automation: Identifying areas ripe for process improvement and potential automation 
  • Compliance Risk Assessment: Uncovering potential compliance issues in current operations 

With the Work Activity Assessment, ScottMadden delivers invaluable insights, guiding you in the best way to refine your operations, enhance compliance, and discover significant improvement opportunities for your organization. 

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