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HRIS System Selection

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HRIS Assistance

Assisted Fortune 50 company in assessing, identifying, and implementing a new HR information system

End-to-End Support

Provided client with comprehensive support in HRIS selection process, including:

  • Assessing vendors
  • Conducting demos
  • Collaborating with IT
  • Mapping HR system architecture

Case for Savings

Helped client communicate project benefits by providing business case, pitch deck, and future opportunities for savings 


A Fortune 50 home improvement retailer was challenged with a legacy HR information system (HRIS) that was nearing end of life. The HRIS had been enhanced with homegrown patches over several years, and as a result, was difficult to update and maintain. The client engaged ScottMadden to determine functional requirements for a new HRIS solution and recommend a short list of vendors for consideration.


  • Identified the scope of HR processes to be supported by the HRIS
  • Mapped current state HR systems architecture, including software, databases, information flow between databases, and system access levels
  • Collaborated with IT stakeholders to determine critical functionality for a new HRIS system
  • Conducted demos of various HRIS solutions 
  • Assessed leading HRIS vendors across requirements and developed a short list of recommended vendors


  • Armed the client with a pitch deck to share with senior leadership to facilitate final HRIS system selection decision
  • Identified opportunities to improve efficiency and quality of HR service delivery 
  • Developed a business case to support investment in new technology

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